Fill out form below as completely as possible. A single PDF document is requested at the end of application process to complete this application. This PDF should contain three sections: Budget, Proposal, and Letter of Support. Alternatively, you may reply to the confirmation email with your files as attachments; in this case, formats other than PDF (e.g., Word and Excel) are acceptable.

This section should include a tentative budget, including expenses and expected resources. Refer to the sample budget as a guide.

  • State explicitly the estimated number of local participants and out-of-area participants you plan to host.
  • Include estimates of all local anticipated expenses: food, accommodation, room charges, local transportation, expenses for speakers, panelists and workshop presenters, tours, etc. (See sample budget.)
  • Provide an estimate of the financial support you expect to be able to raise locally (e.g., anticipated commitments from your institution, donations from local sponsors). Local commitments for past conferences typically range from $25k to 50k per institution.

Please address the following aspects of your proposal to host a CUWiP.

  • Your plan to recruit applicants.
  • A tentative conference program.
  • Available facilities for your conference. (State the capacity of your facilities -- i.e., the maximum number of student participants you can accommodate, rather than your target number.)
  • Participation in previous conferences (if any) by members of the organizing committee.
  • Whether your site is interested in hosting a conference in the next series, the series after that, or either.
  • A statement of commitment from members of the local organizing committee including a discussion of workload distribution among students, faculty, and staff.

Letter of Support:
Please include a letter from your department chair that outlines the departmental support (financial and staff) as well as the names of any other faculty members engaged in the organization of the conference.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.